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Best Indoor Irrigation Watering Systems
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Plant Yield Information

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Learn why so many indoor growers are demanding the Plant Rocket?

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  Modular Spines  Accurate

Standard Systems &

Custom Designs
for every size
and shape Grow Areas


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Slow Drip
Water System

Watering Halos
Drip irrigation components that connect in an instant.
Disperse water slowly and evenly across plant soil surface.


Most Items

We Pay 50%of shipping

The Plant Rocket Modular Watering System Makes Indoor Soil Grows Easy!
We will do a
custom layout design for your special location
and needs. This will let you know what items will work best!
ONLY $9.50 for most applications
charge is refunded after purchase over $50

DIY Drip Systems May Be Cheaper...
Designing and Building one that works properly is not easy!
Read what a Plant Rocket Customer has to say

A Slow Drip Watering System that REALLY works.. EASILY!
Get Maximum Yield - Best Watering Method

If you are tired of spending too much time watering and finding it difficult to move and work on your plants....
If you want to have better results - Larger Roots & Bigger Yield

Check out the Plant Rocket™ Slow Drip System