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Asparagus ferns

Asparagus (Asparagus officinalis) season is over. Not that we are complaining. About a week ago we started to tire of asparagus this and asparagus that as the near daily vegetable or salad topping that were part of our dinners. After a month plus of harvests, it’s time to let the patch rest and recharge itself for the next year.

I put down a liberal amount of manure and compost feeding the crowns for next year’s growth. The sprouted asparagus patch now looks more like a small conifer forest with its tall trunks and lacy branches. Bees and other pollinators frequent its tiny creamy green inverted bell-shaped flowers, creating seeds that will likely not be used. The now-so-tall spargel stands high next to the greenhouse, waving in the breeze, storing energy for next year’s growth. The tall ferns, which can reach over 7 feet high, need to be supported so they do not topple over into other gardens and the path. A jute twine fence does the trick and hardly can be noticed.

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