Hungry plants

The pitcher plants (Sarracenia) in my carnivorous plant garden are awake and hungry. I became fascinated with these bug-chomping specimens over a decade ago when I visited @california_carnivores and saw their collection. Initially, I had only a few in pots that wintered over in my garage. But like many gardeners a few is never enough so I built a bog, planted a variety of cultivars and waited.

They have started to flower out and set seed; I have never tried to propagate from seed as root division keeps my bog filled with these hungry beauties.

The Cape sundews (Drosera capensis) are a little different. They are super easy to propagate by seed, doing it themselves beneath a mother plant after sending up a slender flower spike sometime during the summer. With summer warmth, we are taking the trio we have had for a while and letting them enjoy outside eating!

Bon appetit! alt

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