Majesty Palm Fertilizer

Majesty Palms are gorgeous tropical trees that are commonly grown in containers as houseplants. They need to be fertilized regularly as they are not growing in their native environment.

The best fertilizers for Majesty Palm tend to be slow-release nitrogen-rich fertilizers. These products are typically high in nitrogen (N) and potassium (P) and have an NPK ratio with higher N and K numbers than P (phosphorus). Most Majesty Palm fertilizer is applied every 2-4 weeks during spring and summer. Majesty Palm fertilizer is not generally applied during the wintertime during the plant’s annual rest period.

Read on to learn all about fertilizer for Majesty Palms!

Majesty Palm Fertilizer

Majesty Palm fertilizer is high in nitrogen and phosphorus, and usually contains other key nutrients like magnesium, iron, manganese, and sulfur.

Here are some excellent fertilizers for Majesty Palms:

I look for palm fertilizers that contain added organic matter like compost, as the potting soil can become depleted over time (although this happens more slowly indoors than in typical tropical soil outdoors). I also choose products approved by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) if possible.


Mineral Nutrients For Majesty Palm

Majesty Palm and other container-grown palms require added mineral nutrients. This is because the plants are isolated from their natural growing environment and do not receive the organic and mineral inputs required for them to thrive. Fertilizing these plants a few times during the growing season is an important part of basic Majesty Palm care.

Palm fertilizers tend to contain ample amounts of nitrogen (N) and potassium (K) so the plants can grow strong fronds with richly-colored leaves. These products are also usually lower in phosphorus (P) than fertilizers for flowering plants or plants in cold climates. The NPK ratio of Majesty Palm fertilizer tends to have higher first and third numbers than the number in the middle.

When To Fertilize Majesty Palm Trees

Majesty Palm trees can be fertilized when they are planted or repotted, and also throughout the spring and summer as they are most actively growing. Most palm fertilizers are applied every 2-3 months from April until August. Water the plant thoroughly after fertilizing to start movement of the mineral nutrients towards the plant’s roots.

How To Fertilize Majesty Palm Trees

Different fertilizer products have different application methods and frequencies. Majesty Palm trees are most easily fed with a granular palm fertilizer that’s spread onto the moist soil around the base of the plant and then watered in. Avoid getting fertilizer on the base of the plant itself (especially inside the crown at the base of container-grown Majesty Palms).

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