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Pounding flowers

It’s time to pound pansies (Viola tricolor v. hortensis)! I had to corner the market for pansies and violas to get enough material for my next horticultural therapy class, ‘Pounding Flowers’.

Though a class with the title of ‘Pounding Flowers’ sounds a bit cruel, everyone loves the final result, which are prints that take the image of the flower at hand. The challenge I have now is that it is a bit late in the season to get pansies and violas as most retailers have moved on to more summer-like plants. But as this is the first class this year to use live material, I didn’t really have much choice.

Scouring different stores, I find a few trays left of this colorful plants. I carefully look them over because I need to have nearly 200 flowers or buds that will be viable next week, which is when I am holding my class.

I think I did OK.

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