Pretty but stinky in purple

The American wisteria (Wisteria frutescens ‘Amethyst Falls’) is blooming in spectacular fashion at @annsplaceinc. We planted this many years ago as part of a corporate donation, which funded the building of this arbor and a meditative labyrinth below our parking lot.

Growth in the beginning was spotty as none of the local deer in the herd had read any of the books saying that they do not like the taste of this native vine. After many attempts to protect it, it finally outgrew the ungulates expanding its tendrils to cover the structure.

Its purple racemes drape gracefully over the structure and walking through it I feel as if the flowers are hugging me. A lone hummingbird swoops by, sampling its abundant nectar.

As lovely as this plant is to see while it flowers, its light scent of cat urine, if you get too close to the blossoms, is a bit of a turn off. Pee-You!

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