Protected blueberries

Time to cage the blueberries (Vaccinium angustfolium)! I learned the hard way that blueberries are way too temping for all the creatures we live with so now that they are fat and approaching ripeness, they must be sequestered.

While it may not look sturdy, this PVC-framed cage is cheap and reliable. Somewhat like me.

The key to its construction are the PVC fittings I got from Greenhousemegastore that tie everything together in a sturdy manner. The vertical supports are held steady by placing them over steel rebar I hammer into the soil. Half of the horizontal ones are pushed into end caps that are screwed into the fence. These and other sections are then held together with custom fittings. And snap-on clips hold the bird netting onto the frame.

I got smart after the second year of this creation by labeling each support and storing it with similar ones. And with a little help and an hour’s time, I have protected our blueberries from birds and the like.

Commence harvest!

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