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Spring salads

The garden explodes with bountiful growth and goodies. All the ingredients in this salad I pulled minutes before they found their way onto our dinner plates. Included are:

Asparagus (for only another week and then we stop harvesting)

Beet leaves and roots (a yummy and colorful microgreen to eat as I thin the rows)

Sugar snap peas (super crisp and yummy)

Purslane (to some a weed, to me a delectable ground cover)

Radishes (many varieties, each with a different tang)

Arugula (not too tart this time of year)

Oxalis (often mistaken for clover, it grows wild and slightly spicy)

Claytonia (It is bolting badly and needs to be pulled or eaten this week)

Lettuces and greens (reds and greens to add color and flavor)

The freshness and diversity of flavors of this salad cannot be beat. With a light vinaigrette, it can be a meal by itself.

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